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Welcome to Person Investment Group, LLC

home-pagePerson Investment Group, LLC, is a privately held, diversified holding and investment company based in the great state of North Carolina. The company has regional offices in Fayetteville, NC, Boykins, VA, Louisville, KY, Savannah, GA and now Seattle, WA.

Established 2005, Person Investment Group, LLC focuses on generating long-term capital appreciation by making controlled investments in middle-market companies that are:

Rapidly growing with proven business models, motivated employees and experienced ownership


Distressed companies that may have been mismanaged and need immediate restructuring.

As company’s motto states “Building a brighter future one investment at a time” Person Investment Group, LLC is building a diversified portfolio of companies across a broad range of markets to include Residential & Commercial real estate, the Food & Beverage industry, and Logistic Transportation/Materials hauling.